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It's all in your head. Homeowners can achieve pro results! Only Essex Silver-Line Corp. offers drums designed for your Silverline sander. Our design is high quality, long lasting, and offers better ROI — the industry standard since 1958! Shop now Make a clean sweep. Our polishers, vacuums, carpet cleaners and abrasives for the DIY industry can stand up to even the toughest customer — complete your project like a pro! Learn more Project Ready. When you choose Essex Silver-Line for your flooring project, shop a full line of abrasives, pads and finishes for all floor types — ready to use with your Silverline equipment. Shop now One goal in mind. Silver-Line sanders are known worldwide as the leader in floor sanding equipment — designed for efficiency and standing up to even the toughest customer. Learn more Rental tough. Durable, high performance products, years of rental profits through low maintenance costs and high customer satisfaction through reliable performance — that's Essex Silver-Line! There's a tough Silver-Line machine to meet every rental need. Shop Now Get hooked. SL-8V2 Hook & Loop Floor Sander — the new alternative for the rental market. Easy to use, customer friendly! No tools required! Learn more


Essex Silver-Line, family owned and operated in the USA since 1958, and now a women owned business since 2022, is the only manufacturer of floor sanders that is wholly owned, operated, and built in the USA. Our commitment to quality is known worldwide and built into every sander.

If your machines can’t cut it, we have ones that can!


Essex Silver Line has been manufacturing the world’s finest floor sanders since 1958. Why are our machines the best? One reason: they work.


All Silver-line products are designed for efficiency and engineered to stand up to even the toughest customer yet easy enough for a DIYer to use and achieve professional results.


At Essex Silver Line, we’re invested in helping customers achieve the best results with their projects by selling the industry’s top machines and accessories, offering advice to DIYers and creating rental tough products that stand up to the most challenging jobs.

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