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401 | 411TR Silver-Star


The Silver-Star Carpet Extractors from Silver-Line are lightweight and rental tough. Designed to clean carpets thoroughly, quickly and easily. They are a great addition to your rental fleet!

  • Weighs only 40 pounds so it’s light enough for anyone to easily lift and transport
  • Self-adjusting, self-leveling, spring-loaded Chevron brush and vacuum shoe allows easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors
  • Revolutionary patented lift-off bucket with bladder holds both clean and dirty water, eliminated need to pour into the machines and making filling and emptying incredibly easy. The result – no spills or mess!
  • Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy transportation and storage
  • The 411TR Floor Valve switch reduces jet orifice by 80% enabling the Silver-Star to clean hard surfaces such as resilient flooring, vinyl & grouted tile
  • Over 90% water recovery
  • See-through recovery dome
  • Side Extension for cleaning right to baseboards



The Galaxy 5™ was designed for remarkable power housed within an incredibly lightweight and portable package. It is the obvious choice for auto detailing and for those jobs where a small yet powerful unit makes more sense.

  • No drip” motor cavity guarantees water spilled on the outside of the machine stays out!
  • Opens quickly like a clamshell for fast and easy servicing.
  • Upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler guarantee long life and durability.
  • Full complement of optional accessories attaches to the back of the unit for cleaning upholstery, stairs, etc.
  • Silencer system for quieter operation.
  • Handle folds down for easy transport and compact storage.
  • Galaxy 500 BX with 1530 ACK Wand and hose assembly
  • 5 Gallon solution tank, 4 gallon recovery tank 120 PSI, Single 3 Stage vacuum motor, 136” Waterlift

1530ACK includes:

  • 330-11003FB – Single Jet 10” Stainless Steel Wand
  • 1040AC-HP – 15” Vacuum/Solution Hose Assembly (100-250 PSI)
2 years on parts & labor, lifetime on rotationally molded housing.


Bravo Carpet Spotter and Upholstery Cleaner

Amazing 106″ water lift in a 3 gallon package! No set up time – simply unload and begin carpet or upholstery cleaning immediately. Compact size and maneuverability make the Bravo™ ideal for spotting and quick cleaning of small, carpeted areas, upholstery and auto interiors. Operators will appreciate the specially designed molded-in holders that carry spray bottles, leaving the hands free.

  • Bravo 300 MH Upholstery Cleaner & Spotter
  • 3 Gallon solution tank, 3.5 gallon recovery tank
  • 55 PSI, 2 Stage Bypass vacuum motor, 106” Waterlift
  • 25’ Powercord, 6” Wheels
5 years on parts & labor, lifetime on rotationally-molded housing.

EDI-Gal2534ACK (2000 Series)

Heat Ready – Just add 705HR Heat N’Run external heater (Sold separately)

Galaxy™ 2000 12 gallon portable carpet extractors are powerful, compact and come “heat-ready”. You can purchase any Galaxy™ “heat-ready” carpet extractor without the heater and if you change your mind, no problem. Simply order our external heater and you are ready to deep clean carpets with on-demand heat and unmatched cleaning power.

  • Galaxy 2000SX-HR with 2534ACK Wand and hose assembly
  • 12 Gallon solution tank, 11 gallon recovery tank
  • 100 PSI, Dual 2 Stage vacuum motors, 150” Waterlift
2534ACK includes:
  • 1034-110015FB – Dual Jet 12” S Bend Wand
  • 2540AC-HP – 25” Vacuum/Solution Hose Assembly (100-250 PSI)

3004ADN Air Mover


The unique body design of the Aqua-Dri air mover makes them easy to stack for use or storage. The Aqua-Dri can be used in four different positions. They are indispensable for quick drying of carpets, floors, furniture, etc.!

  • 3 Speed, 4 Position, stackable air mover
  • 1/2HP motor
  • 3700 CFM
  • 91/2” diameter blower fan
  • 25’ Power cord
5 year parts & labor, lifetime housing


CAUTION! To avoid the possibility of spontaneous combustion and the ensuing fire that could cause injury or property damage: DO NOT EMPTY NEAR FLAME. For more efficient operation, empty bag when ½ Full.